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 List of Currently Scheduled Events for 2017:      

  • Social Nights at the Clubhouse resume! 
    It's a wonderful way to catch up with your neighbors during an evening of fun, food and conversation. Please bring an appetizer to share and an appetite for enjoyment!
    Please call any member of the Social Committee with questions or email: Also, download the schedule linked below for details.
  • Currently scheduled events and Social Nights:
    To download a PDF copy of the schedule, click here.
         —The Board of Directors wishes to share with the membership the final results of the Covenant Revision process. The Board extends its compliments and its thanks to those dedicated committee members who spent many personal hours bringing attention to issues addressed by the community in the process.
    These are the final results:
        Covenant  2: 192 responses, 162 in favor, 30 against
        Covenant 14: 194 responses, 158 in favor, 36 against
        Covenant 15: 194 responses, 135 in favor, 59 against
        Covenant 18: 195 responses, 152 in favor, 43 against
        Covenant 23: 194 responses, 179 in favor, 15 against

      *Covenant 18 received 37% owner response (out of 527), all others received 36%.

  • Check our Facebook page for updates and more information on these upcoming events.
June 24, Saturday, 10:30 a.m., Board of Directors,
         PDF of Agenda, click here