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Owner's Handbook
including CVOA Covenants & By-Laws

The Owner's Handbook, Revision 1, September 3, 2016, containing general information about CVOA, government services, guidelines for building, maps of the six filings, the Covenants, and the By-Laws has been converted into an Adobe PDF file for download. Note: there may some errors in the text due to the conversion process therefore these copies are not official. See page 13 of the Handbook under Article II Definitions, Section 2 for the recording date, book and page for the official copy recorded with Custer County.

You will need a copy of the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader in order to view and print the file. Most PCs come with Acrobat Reader pre-installed so click the following link to see if your browser will load it for viewing, saving and printing.

Click here for the Owner's Handbook

Click here for the Submission of Building Plans Checklist for Handbook references to all the required documents to submit to the Architectural Control Committee prior to starting the building or modification process.