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Submission of the Checklist for Construction

Dear Cuerno Verde Owners,

Construction is an exciting process, whether it is the anticipation of a new home, an expansion project or simply the addition of a garage, barn or even a driveway. The Architectural Control Committee exists to help you through the process of complying with Cuerno Verde Covenants and with Custer County Zoning. While the committee may not always have all of the answers regarding local and state requirements, they will be able to get you in touch with the proper agencies.

To make the process of navigating Cuerno Verde Covenants regarding construction simpler, the Architectural Control Committee and the Board of Directors have compiled the following four (4) pages of information.

The first two pages are a checklist of information that needs to be submitted to the Committee for your construction approval. After approval, this information will be placed in your permanent file located in the Cuerno Verde Clubhouse.

Pages three (3) and four (4) are examples of a site plan and an elevation sketch which illustrate the drawings to accompany the checklist.

Should you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Architectural Control Committee (click the Directors & Committees button). 
Or to send an email inquiry, click:

Thank you, Your Cuerno Verde Owners Association

To download a PDF copy of the Checklist for Construction, click here.

Note: pages 1 and 2 can be filled-in when viewing in Adobe Reader (and other PDF readers, as well) using your mouse to click the text cursor over a fill-in-the-blank space to enter the information (hint: the Tab key will jump the cursor from field to field). Then save and print the document's first two pages when done. Or you can print the document's first two pages and fill-in by manually writing the information in the blanks.
    Pages 3 and 4 are only examples, do not include them with your submission.